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FFFG Finley Awards

Restaurants stay open because they get customers. The more customers that visit their restaurant, the higher the chance their restaurant will thrive and survive. Help support these local small business owners by giving back to them so they may do more marketing of their business.

We calculate the points on the 1st of every month for the previous month and inform our followers in the newsletter the next upcoming Friday. The newsletter goes out every Friday. When you vote, you will be entered into the weekly newsletter so you can see if your favorite restaurants are getting Finley Points! 

Each restaurant you vote for gets a Finley point.  tongue-out


The voting works like this:

  1. Once a month we tally the votes that have come in since the month before. 
  2. We add up the votes for each restaurant and display the votes for the last month in the weekly newsletter.
  3. Voters may vote for as many restaurants as they want but can only vote once a day for each of those restaurants. 
  4. When a restaurant reaches the point value needed they can redeem for one of the options below.
  5. We encourage voters to tell their friends to vote and we encourage restaurants to tell their customers to vote!
  6. Votes expire in 1 year. The voting year goes from Sept 1 – Aug 31. All votes expire Sept 1. Please use your Finley points to avoid losing them.



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***The restaurant must have a Lifetime Listing on the website before being able to use the additional advertising options.

 300 Finley points = a Lifetime listing on the FFFG website

Additional FFFG Advertising Options

250 Finely points = Fish Fry of the Month Ad Space FFFG – 1 month

150 Finley points = New Restaurant Ad Space FFFG – 1 month 

150 Finley points = Wisconsin Favorite Ad Space FFFG – 1 month 

100 Finley points = Definite Must Ty Ad Space FFFG- 1 month

150 Finley points = Home Page Banner Ad Listing FFFG – Rotating on Home Page image with logo – 1 month

60 Finley points = Email Marketing – Ad in the FFFG newsletter every Friday for 4 weeks

Additional places to advertise: 

450 Finley points = Marketing Package on Small Business Milwaukee 

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 Last week we used your guide to a VERY nice fish fry at a VERY nice place. We look forward to the next fish fry guide email! Half the fun is getting that email…the other half is deciding where we are going to go this week….then of course the experience of either trying a new place or revisiting one we’ve been to before. Again, thank you!